A Chorus Line Cast List

Congratulations on incredible auditions and callbacks for A Chorus Line!! I am SO proud of you for all your hard work! I cannot wait for this process with you to learn, grow, and create a wonderful piece of theater.  The rehearsal process begins NOW!!! Way to go Acting Troupe of Lambert!

The cast list is as follows:

Zach: Grayson Lichtenthaler

Lori: Emma Lawes

Judy Turner (23): Caroline Cannizzaro

Diana Morales (2): Liv Semel

Kristine Evelyn Urich (10): Jenna Gray

Valerie Clark (179): Anna Turpen

Sheila Bryant (152): Elise Perez

Connie Wong (9): Cindy Qiu

Bebe Benzenheimer (37): Katie Crabtree

Maggie Winslow (149): Annie Lesser

Cassie Ferguson: Elena Araoz

Don Kerr (5): Chase Hague

Richie Walters (44): Adriel Carrion

Mark Anthony (63): Cooper Mabry

Mike Costa (67): Jared Guerrasio

Greg Gardner (81): Kevin Walsh

Bobby Mills (84): Drew Davison

Alan Deluca (17): Avery Brown

Paul San Marco (45): Thomas McFerran

Tricia: Alexis Neil

Vicki: Sarah Kettler

Roy: Christian Roopnarine

Male Understudy/ Swing:  Nick Deaton

Female Understudy/ Swing: Julia Darga



Meg Abrams

Nikki Adler

Claire Applegate

Gabi Berube

Liana Carrion

Maddie Crews

Julia Darga

Cooper Ellis

Sarah Kettler

Jin Lee

Alexis Neil

Tori Perez

Katie Phillips

Megan Ritchie

Christian Roopnarine

Manali Sunkara

Jackie Wagner

Jenna Wagner