Student Officers!

  • Alden Kennedy
    Alden Kennedy President

    Alden is a senior and could not be more excited to be the ATL’s president. She is certain this will be an amazing year for the club! Hook ’em!

  • Annie Lesser
    Annie Lesser Vice President

    Annie is a senior at Lambert, and is super excited to be the Vice President for the ATL this year! She promises to work hard to make the troupe the best it can be! Hook em horns!!

  • Cindy Qiu
    Cindy Qiu Secretary
    Cindy is a sophomore at Lambert and your ATL Secretary this year. She’s pumped to be working with such an amazing troupe and excited to see what this year brings!
  • Elena Araoz
    Elena Araoz Treasurer

    Elena is a senior at Lambert and is so happy to be the Treasurer of ATL! She is very excited to work with everyone to make this year the best one yet! Hook ’em!

  • Cooper Ellis
    Cooper Ellis Historian
    Cooper Ellis is a Junior at Lambert and is so excited to be Historian of ATL this year! She is hopeful for the year ahead and is so thankful to be a part of this amazing team!
  • Hanah Feinstein
    Hanah Feinstein State Representative

    Hanah is a senior and your ATL state rep! She is ecstatic for an unforgettable year with the ATL! Hook em!

Parent Officers

  • Andy Guerrasio
    Andy Guerrasio President
  • Pete Cannizzaro
    Pete Cannizzaro Vice President
  • Kimberly Ellis
    Kimberly Ellis Secretary
  • Lisa O’Donnell
    Lisa O’Donnell Treasurer